The fundamental fact of existence is that this trust in God, this faith, is the firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living. It's our handle on what we can't see. The act of faith is what distinguished our ancestors, set them above the crowd.

Hebrews 11:1 (The Message Translation)

Friday, January 31, 2014

52 Ancestors week#5 Charles W. Bohnke

Charles W. Bohnke Family

My Great Grandfather Charles Bohnke was born 15 Dec 1868 in Adams County IN. The son of Wilhelm and Engel Kukelhan Bohnke he was the 6th of 9 children.
At the age of 31, on 10 Jun 1900 he married Emma L. Franz in Adams County IN. She was the daughter of Christian and Mary Ann Bucher Franz.
They had 7 children:

Christian W.-- b 5 Apr 1901 d 8 Nov 1986
m 25 Dec 1931 Louise M. Bleeke

Ester-- b 13 Jun 1902 d 3 Sep 1902

Herman W.-- b 24 Nov 1903 d 2 Jan 1952
m 7 Jun 1930 Louise Bienz
m 14 Dec 1939 Sophie  Krueckeberg

Lucille-- b 19 Jan 1906 d 14 Apr 1984
m 29 Oct 1930 August Macke

Ida-- b 7 May 1908 d 14 Feb 1981
m 23 Apr 1930 Rudolph  Fuelling
m 25 Aug 1974 Albert Scherer

Mildred-- b 29 Jul 1910 d 15 Mar 2005
m 12 Jul 1934 Morris Bleeke

Alvin-- 13 Aug 1913 d 28 Sep 1955
He never married
Charles worked on the family farm in Adams County his whole life. He attended St. Peter's Lutheran Church. He died at home on 16 Aug 1947.

Friday, January 24, 2014

52 Ancestors Week#4 Herman W. Bohnke

Herman W. Bohnke
Louise K. Bienz
wedding photo
7 Jun 1930

My Grandfather Herman W. Bohnke was born on 24 Nov 1903 in Root Township, Adams County, Decatur IN. He was the 3rd child of Charles W. and Emma L. Franz Bohnke. Herman worked on the family farm his whole life.
 He married Louise K. Bienz daughter of Adam J. and Matilda Bleeke Bienz at St. Peter's  Lutheran Church by Rev. M J Frosch in Root Township, Adams County,  Decatur IN. Prior to their marriage Louise was an employee of the General Electric plant in Decatur IN.
 After their marriage they moved to the Bohnke farm in Root Township. Together they had 2 sons, Willmott Doyle Bohnke was born on 18 Mar 1933 and Lehnford Lee Bohnke was born on 27 Sep 1935. Sadly Louise died of an embolism on 7 Oct 1935. Burial was at St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery, Rev. L J Dornseif.
On 14 Dec 1939 Herman married Sophie L. Krueckeberg daughter of Martin and Laura Bleeke Krueckeberg. They had no children.
On 2 Jan 1952 Herman was stricken with a heart attack while driving on US 27 northwest of Decatur. He was found by police and taken to Adams County Memorial Hospital. Burial was at St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery by Rev. F W Droegemueller.